Kay Michelle

Lori is the best at what she does and helps in more areas than just neurofeedback! She helps with nutrition, supplements, and so much more! I’m so lucky to have someone so amazing to learn from and work with!

Dr. Zendi Moldenhauer

Lori is AMAZING at what she does - from listening carefully, doing Neurofeedback, and offering helpful and practical advice. She is kind, gentle, compassionate, and caring. She's passionate and so knowledgeable about Neurofeedback, and has been very helpful to my family. I highly recommend Lori!

Felicia Thierer

I recommend going to Lori.  She is awesome and can help. 

As she will tell you diet, in and of itself, is huge.



My daughter has been doing so well lately.  And on no meds!  If you had told me 6 months ago we'd start the school year on no meds and she'd be doing well, I would never have believed you.  She's in a great mood almost all of the time and is like her old self, even better actually.  Happy, cooperative, when we tell her no, she's ok with it. This is all under your guidance and direction, so thank you, thank you!  


Neurofeedback was truly a life-changing experience for me.  One of the amazing outcomes is that I went from having daily anxiety to not having it at all.  The Brain training protocols were both powerful and effective.  Another result is that my insomnia got significantly better and I was able to have restorative sleep for the first time n a very long time.  Lori and her staff are so personable, encouraging, and passionate about helping people live their best lives through neurofeedback.


Lori is an amazing and highly dedicated professional. Both of my sons have worked with Lori and Neurofeedback. Lori provided lots of education before, during and post sessions. Lori is very collaborative in her approach and works closely to gain feedback and answer any questions throughout her sessions. Both of my sons experienced positive results and felt very comfortable working with Lori. Lori thrives on helping others learn and heal. She has been a fantastic partner in our journey of health and I would highly recommend her.


My daughter is 21 years old, she was experiencing many symptoms common to her diagnosis of autism and schizophrenia. We saw Lori for the first time for guidance with changing her diet. From our first visit Lori made us feel comfortable and was very good at teaching my daughter about her diet and what she needed to do to be successful. Lori is very knowledgeable in the areas of diet, supplements and Neurofeedback. She was and continues to be very supportive to myself as a mother trying to help my daughter make these changes in her life. My daughter feels so much better physically and she has much more energy. I can never thank Lori enough for all she has done to help my daughter. 

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