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In January of 2017 I completed my Health coach training through Epidemic Answers, which is a Preferred Partner of the Nutritional Therapy Association  My training is unique in that it focuses on The causes of the “new childhood epidemics.”

My studies focused on the following:

  • Ways to support a family dealing with a child’s chronic condition

  • The underlying physiological imbalances are commonly seen in the new childhood epidemics.

  • Reducing the “total load” to help children heal

  • Using diet and nutrition to help heal affected children

  • Bioindividuality and pathways to healing

  • Prioritizing therapies

  •  Guiding parents through lab work

  • Recognizing the importance of integrating mind, body and spirit

As a health coach for Dr. Sarah I use motivational strategies, and communication techniques to help patients create sustainable behavior changes that lead to better health. I help bridge the gap between what patients know they need to do to be healthy.
As a health coach, my job is to help you be the best version of you.  Working with Dr. Sarah as a provider is advantageous as her knowledge is extensive. Her care plan will guide the formulation of the patient’s wellness goals. Together, the patient and I will create a plan to work toward these goals, addressing any challenges or roadblocks that arise or that could impede the incorporation of Dr. Pace's recommendations and the motivation that patients need to actually make and sustain those changes. Our feedback to the team to ensure help and guidance so all patients can achieve their diet and lifestyle goals.

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Initial Visit $200

Your initial visit will last approximately 1 hours. During this time, your provider and a health coach will:

•    Obtain a detailed medical history of your child’s mental, behavioral and physical health concerns
•    Obtain specific information on your child’s experience of their condition for the purpose of recommendations
•    Recommend any additional testing that may be indicated
•    You will typically end the visit with some basic supplement recommendations, but in some cases your provider or health coach may take a day or two to review the information gathered during a visit in order to develop your treatment plan. This will generally take 48 hours or less, and is done in order to construct a plan that will give you the best results.
•    Lab fees and recommended supplements are not covered in the cost of the visit.

Follow-Up Appointments  $150

First Follow-up visits can be done by phone or secure video calls, even for our local patients. During your visit your provider and health coach will:

•    Evaluate your response to your current treatment plan
•    Review any changes to your symptoms or health status
•    Review labs ordered at the previous visit when applicable
•    Make and explain any updates to your treatment plan

Follow-Up Visits for Established Patients  $50

Follow-up visits last 30 minutes and occur approximately once per month, although this will vary from person to person. Follow-up appointments are with a health coach and includes follow-up on all aspects of treatment, including diet supplement and treatment management. Follow-up labs and specific treatment questions will be reviewed by the doctor if needed.



Our providers are available for questions between appointments, however detailed questions or changes in prescription may require an appointment to be scheduled. All patients are given access to a secure email which allows you to ask brief questions as needed.


*Results of services will vary from person to person.

Working Remotely
What type of diet is best for you?

How does diet impact treatment?

•    Many symptoms are caused by inflammatory conditions. Unhealthy and processed foods cause inflammation which makes behaviors or symptoms worse
•    Processed foods are often high in calories but low in nutrients, often leading to nutrient deficiencies that interfere with optimal functioning
•    Unhealthy foods are addictive, and can cause rapid fluctuations in neurotransmitters such as dopamine when they are eaten
•    Processed foods can lead to wild swings in blood sugar, which lead to rapid changes in mood, focus, anxiety, and irritability
•    Even healthy foods can increase inflammation if they are foods you/child are sensitive to or if they are high histamine foods and you/ child has a histamine intolerance

Food allergies can be severe, also called anaphylactic allergies, or more mild. The more severe allergies (like peanuts and shellfish) are mediated by fast acting IgE antibodies and can be life threatening. The less severe allergies, also called food sensitivities are mediated by slower to respond IgG or IgA antibodies. These antibodies produce a system-wide inflammatory response and can be associated with mental and neurological health conditions. This phenomenon is often associated with “leaky gut” in which micro-tears in the gut lining allow for particles of food that have not been completely digested to enter the bloodstream. Identification of offending foods can be accomplished by an elimination and challenge diet or by blood tests. Following a strict diet without the identified allergies for a period of 3-6 months accompanied by the use of gut-healing therapies and necessary nutrients can greatly reduce the impact individual foods have on your mood.

What are food allergies?

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